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The decision and nature of applications keeps on improving, so smashing is continually going to be bad.Crashing once a day is alright for a free application, particularly if the accident is unsurprising (for example During startup in explicit conditions).I favor not to utilize paid applications that crash, and will effectively attempt to supplant them as quickly as time permits. Slamming in uncommon use cases is to some degree acceptable.If an application crashes and loses my information, I will never utilize it again.The most direct approach to figure an accident rate is:(Number of crash events/absolute number of meetings) * 100 Depending on your necessities, notwithstanding, you can bend that equation a piece. It doesn’t bode well to factor in all the accident events that happened when your old discharge despite everything had a few issues that you’ve previously resolved.Depending on how regularly your application is being utilized, the recipe can be changed to: buy android reviews

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(Number of crash events recent hours/all out number of meetings recent hours) * 100(Number of crash events past week/all out number of meetings a previous week) * 100 Swapping out meetings for clients decides the level of clients that haven’t encountered an accident. It bodes well that the client without crash rate would be lower than the events crash rate since the all out number of meetings is a lot higher than the absolute number of clients. The condition would rather be obviously, the period you’re investigating is dependent upon you to set and it relies upon the quantity of meetings your application produces. On the off chance that you have under 100 every day clients, estimating your day by day sans crash rate wouldn’t get you extremely helpful outcomes. Additionally, meetings are not by any means the only factor that you should mull over. 

In the event that we comprehend your inquiry, those past 2 answers are right. It is safe to say that you are the manufacturer of that application? Provided that this is true, you ought to have worked in a type of logging instrument, which will tally at least one of the accompanying Using a similar measure, likewise check the quantity of time the application shut itself, gave a mistake message because of an exchange, and so forth. Separation that last measure into one of the initial 3 measures, and you will have the level of crash rate for your application. The accident pace of your portable application is determined by the quantity of meetings (application begins, visits) in relationship to the quantity of accidents that occur in the application.

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