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Top 3 Secrets Hidden in an buying android installs, Most Developers Don’t Know

How are you doing fellow developers? Today we are back with another article on apps and how they work. App market as you all know is a very competitive place and yet rewarding at the same time. There are so much opportunities as well as challenges waiting for you in the app market. Facing every challenge is important else you cannot become the best app developer in the market. For with every challenge, comes an opportunity to enhance you’re app and to become better in your business. With the same thing in mind, we are writing this article with an aim to help you uncover the Top 3 hidden secrets for buying android installs. Let us begin then. 

The App Market: Overview

Many of you know that the app market is crowded with apps. But with how much? Well, a survey in 2017 puts the number of apps in the iOS Store to be 1.3 millions and in the Play Store to be around 3 million. This is a huge quantity and it speaks of the competition there is for the developers. This market is dominated by few companies which have relatively huge number of app installs and high ratings. All this is due to the huge user base that these companies have developed over the years. When a new developer launches a new app in the app store or the Play Store, the app has to face a very stiff competition and that too without much support and following. A new app developer has to work very hard to develop an user base and to ensure that the app performs well. The app performance here is the result of many different parameters. These parameters effect the way people perceive your app and also decided whether your app is a success or yet another disaster. 

The Factors?

There are three main keys that decide your app’s performance. These are App Installs, App Ratings and App Reviews. The later two are important on their own but the one that counts for majority of the contribution is the App installs. Let us understand how. 

App Installs: What do we know about it?

App Installs simply mean the user downloads that your app has. For a relatively simple term, it’s purpose is very important and crucial. When people look for an app, they go through the app visibility. If the app has large number of users, it gives out a sign that your app is trusted and hence it can be downloaded without thinking. The ratings and reviews of the app also play an important role on this but the app installs is the most important one. It is like a sign of popularity and trust. 

Here are some of the facts that we know about the Android App Installs. 

    • Installs can be purchased: Yes, the first secret itself is the surprising one. App installs and can be purchased. There are many ways of doing it. You can either pay and hire freelancers to install your app or you can also make use of some services to increase your app install count. Not only that, there are many marketing firms which let you buy app installs; against a fee of course. 


  • Buying Installs is common: This is yet another shocker of the day. As said, you can buy android app installs but what is more surprising is that a lot of developers use this feature frequently. Almost all new developers who launch their app resort to buy app installs. This is important if you consider the competition present in the app market. Unless you have some installs and ratings, you cannot increase your user base and the most easiest way of doing it by buying app installs. No surprise that a large number of developers use and there are thousands of web services which provide you with an option to buy android app installs.


  • Easy way to get banned: A lot of developers use buy app installs to enhance their app’s performance. They know that it is one of the most simplest way to enhance business. But what they don’t know is that buying app installs in illegal. Both Google and Apple have very serious rules regarding buying app installs. They strictly oppose the use of web services and firms to buy fake installs. They regularly monitor the App market and if any developer is found tools or bots to increase app reviews, then their app is blocked in the app store and there are chances that the app is removed out of the store. 


These are 3 of the hidden secrets of the app market. Few people know it but given the importance these secrets holds, it is very crucial that every developer know about these secrets. The App Market is very intriguing and rewarding and to make use of every opportunity that it brings, it is very important to know about each and every thing going on in the App Market.
We urge developers to keep track of every small thing going inside the market and to also be familiar with the recent trends and practices happening in the app market. Focus more on developing strategies to increase your user base but in between all these, never forget that the most important thing is your app quality. We hope that you do extremely well in your app business. For the years coming up, we wish you all the very best. 

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