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Things to consider before buying app reviews

  • Before going for buying any buy app store reviews, ratings or installs, Every App developer should understand his/her responsibility that the app must be effective and challenging, its content must be astonishing in positive manner, fully charged with amazing features and competitive. Confidence over app here is 1st thing that is needed.
  • Always go for market search, ask several questions at various sites like Quora and others. Do proper search work before investing. And always prefer company that is expertise and renowned in its field.
  • From whomever you buy app reviews, make sure that the reviews must stay there for life long and not deleted. Deleted reviews confirm that reviews are taken from fake user.
  • Set budget and select websites according to your budget and their plans because paying more than your budget is not effective. But sometimes to get good you have to expand your budget up to some extends. 

Always get reviews and ratings from real users. Because Google is very smart and can easily detect the fake ones that would not be good. Real reviews and ratings bring rankings up and more organic installs. 


Buy ratings and reviews from here-

There are many famous companies and some n


ames and little description is given below. You can buy app reviews iOS or Android from here.

  • Appreviews

App reviews is one platform which is perfect question to your answer because you can buy installs, reviews and ratings, it provides all necessary services which is really helpful to enhance the visibility of your app and boost app rank significantly . They have different prices and plans for Android Reviews. 

  • Reviews Lancer

Get ratings reviews for both Android as well as iOS. You can get free and unlimited reviews here to your mobile app. You just have to sign up, add your apps; you may receive review from different community members. Get unlimited reviews that will increase your app download, app rank simultaneously and gain profits.

They also have different price policy here mentioned below-

  • Basic plan 90$ 30positive reviews 30app download 30 4/5 ratings 100% real users.
  • Standard plan 140$ 50positive reviews 50app download 50 4/5 ratings.
  • Customized 20% off like order 50+ reviews 5% off , order 100+ reviews ,20% off
  • Pro plan 240$ 100positive reviews with 100app downloads and 100 4/5 ratings.
  • Reviews-Ninja-

They enhance app ratings, organic installs, improves search rankings and all important services. Like others they also have price plan and you can check it here also. Here it is given below –

  • Basic -99$ 50well written reviews, 100app downloads delivery in 3 days, up to 5custom keywords.
  • Premium – 199$ 100well written reviews, 200app downloads, here up to 10custom keywords. Delivery in just 5 days.
  • Advanced- 299$ 200really well written, beautifully described reviews,400 app downloads, up to 20custom keywords, delivery in just 8 days. And 24*7 support in all.
  • Mopeak 

You can buy Incent Traffic, reviews and installs impact. With this service you will be able to receive relevant reviews made by real users, they guarantee long retention period and follow all the rules of the store.


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