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The A – Z Of Android Buy Reviews.

I am very satisfied with this app. It saves all of my logins and passwords. I recently learned that I can login directly from this app, and only click on the login and password as it is automatically provided if there’s a web link already included in the folder where the information is saved. The only ability I wish I had is to interchange and or move folders around. This could make this app awesome.

I like it – for the small price it works a lot better than an adware password database – the only problem is syncing with another device is very unintuitive and easy to clobber good data; i have this app on my iphone and ipad but even connected to the icloud its hard to keep the two devices in agreement android buy reviews. I have restored one from the opposite backup (works) but if i then make independent changes to both devices, theres no facility to “merge” the two databases. For the time being I’m keeping them synced manually until a better option becomes clear

This app is the best mix of functionality and cost. I love that it’s not a subscription (1time charge). I LOVE that once it’s on my phone, that’s it: it doesn’t talk back to its mothership. This app is an organized storage device only not a password and login manager. Sorry to other password apps, but I’d rather limit who manages my password entries on web sites or other apps. Right now I trust Apple and each of my app owners for the password they are each responsible for – no cross pollinating allowed. The last thing I need is for someone to hack my password app provider and I’m toast.

I also like that it doesn’t try to give me a lot of functionality I don’t need like storage space on their web servers (already have iCloud ) or the ability to temporarily delete the app when traveling and restoring it when I return among others (I can already do that) among other things.

The two things I have wanted added for a while is the ability to put pictures within the app as attachments to the description of a password info entry (now available but resolution way too low) and the ability to add my own within-app labeling icon (the list is dated and insufficient: I don’t need pic editing software in the app- just the ability to import a tiny image)

All in all, still definitely a must have.I used to have the previous version for years and this new one I like better Though I would have put 4instead of 5 stars is because, (I am getting too precise) but would be great if the app could communicate with all your devices, since I have it in all of mine and sometimes I have to look for a PW through my devices, since I cannot recall where exactly I saved it. But other than that I use it a lot and never dies on me and is user friendly. THANK YOU


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