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My Play home secondary school . My Play home pool . My Play home sea shore . My Play home toy-store Another recommendation is that you should make young people in the application. Something else is that you should make more garments. Additionally I might want more characters.”I figure you should include a pet shop were you get beds and food and treats and toys for your feline or pooch . What’s more, you ought to have a creature cover were you get your pet and you help hurt pets and put them up for reception and you ought to have minimal charming cats and you ought to have minimal adorable pup’s .and you ought to have grown up hounds and grown up felines .and young lady felines and kid feline ought to have adorable child cats and the canines could have infant’s doggy’s .and there ought to be little feline apartment suites for the felines . earn free talktime

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What’s more, you ought to have a pooch and feline lodging were your canine can go if your out traveling you ought to have a shower zone for them .and a little parlor zone were they can get held up with bones and treats and kibble . They ought to have little rooms were they can rest . Furthermore, a little nursery on the rooftop were they can in bliss a decent sun set .and a little spa were they can get pampered.and you should include a little pastry shop were individuals can get little treats and cakes and you ought to have a little kitchen were you can heat the treats and bread and cakes and you ought to have a sweets shop and a toy store and they ought to have the option to venture out to the beech  money earn app


Or on the other hand they could go outdoors and remain in a lodge and the street ought to be at any rate a mile there ought to be a café along the street and all the more little shops along the street like a toy shop . What’s more, the seasons should change excessively like in the human world like Christmas or thanks giving.there ought to be an art shop to were you can get craft glue firearms and Popsicle sticks and yarn and stickers. If it’s not too much trouble ADD THIS STUFF. It would make the game increasingly fun. Much obliged to you. 


From Evia Tiefel age 9 .” Every time I play My PlayHome it continues slamming and making it start from the very beginning again and I’m burnt out on re-arranging all that I love this application I played consistently however he continues smashing each time I am another spot I get so distraught yet I must choose between limited options to restart the game I love this game I want to be ready to play it consistently obviously I’m generally bustling issue resembles I said it continues smashing it keeps him starting from the very beginning again please makers fix this “Yet I have a thought for an update for stores! money earning application

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