Gone are the days when companies used to invest a lump sum of dollars in printing pamphlets and advertisements. With the digitization, there has been a considerable shift from the use of traditional marketing methods to a digital one. Traditional methods like advertisements through print media and by distributing pamphlets is slowly fading and is now being replaces by much more affordable e-media. Before understanding Digital Marketing, let us first dive into why traditional methods failed and why earn free talktime

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Traditional Marketing Methods

Even today, when people think about advertising, they talk about traditional methods of marketing good and services. These methods include the use of print media like newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and billboards to advertise some product/service. This also includes use of radio and television services to advertise about your product. 

These methods are well tried and tested and they have a proved success rate. But there are some disadvantages to it. The major one is the cost. Using print media costs a lot of money and takes in a lot of time and effort. A lot of manpower goes into ensuring the circulation of the ads even through TV ads money earn app

Costs incurred are high but the impact can not be denied. Traditional marketing is a trusted method and is deployed by companies for each and every product. But with everything going digital, companies are now switching to go online and so should you. 

Here’s why. 

ABC of Digital Marketing  

Let us first understand what Digital Marketing is. 

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services using digital technologies mainly with the use of internet. Social media, mails, blogs, videos. Basically, everything can be used for digital marketing. It also includes use of tele marketing and digital posters for the advertisement of the product or service money earning application

Companies have realised the potential of digital marketing and that’s why the late 2010s saw a rapid boom in the use of digital media for advertisement. The advantages are many to speak of. Firstly, it saves the cost of paper and banner printing. All those dollars spent on getting pamphlets printed is now being saved. It also helps the company to keep better track of expenses and the related outcome. 

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