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Buying app reviews: Yes or No?

How does the App market work? 

As said in a lot of our previous articles, the app market is governed by 3 major things and these are App Installs, App Reviews and App Ratings. Every single one of them has their own significant contribution and these play a very important role in determining the success of your app. 

All these 3 factors are interlinked between each other, meaning one thing supports the other and so on. Let us think of a scenario. When you search for an app in the Play Store, you find a lot of related apps in the search list. The question arises. Which one to choose? The answer is relatively simple. You look at the number of installs and the app ratings. If good, you install the app or you look for something else. Now, the number of downloads of your app depends on your app ratings. If your app ratings are good, your app will be in the top pages of the search list and this increases the chances of people to download your app. And this acts vice versa too. If your installs are more, then more people are using your app and thus you are likely to get more ratings. Simple right? 

Well, one thing makes it even more interesting. That’s right, App Reviews.

Importance of App Reviews

App reviews are the mirror of your app’s performance. The better your app reviews, the better your app will perform in the play store. Well, the thing is, before downloading an app, people generally read the user reviews and this is particularly true for paid apps. Only if the reviews are good, people will download your app else, well there are many options present. 

Buying app reviews

Buying app reviews have become a common thing for developers today and this is obvious on many levels. When a new app is launched in the Play Store, there is no user base that will download your app. The process only begins if your ratings are good and the reviews are good too. Well, to start this, the app developers buy app reviews as well as the ratings to give their app a major boost in the Play Store. This method is effective but has some disadvantages of its own. Let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages. 

Disadvantages of buying Android App Reviews

The advantages of buying app reviews are many are so are the disadvantages. Here are a few to mention. 

  • Banning: Google is very strict when it comes to buying app reviews. And once found, your app will most likely get removed of the Play Store or your developer account can be terminated. 
  • Glibberish Content: In many cases you will find that the user reviews are improper and they give a feeling of a fake content once read. These reviews do more harm than good and sometimes they spoil the company reputation too. 
  • Too Much spam: Some web services allow you to buy reviews but the frequency of reviews is not properly adjusted. The consequence: you get a lot of spammed reviews at the same time and this is more likely to get caught by the Google algorithm resulting in removal of your app from the Play Store. 

These are some of the disadvantages which you might face while buy app reviews. The consequences are fatal but with few tips and precautions, you can easily use these buy reviews. Take a look. 

  • No bots: As told before, Google has a very strict rule regarding the use of bot and it’s better if you don’t use them. So while using a web service that lets you buy user reviews, make sure that they don’t use bots.  Else, you know what’s gonna happen.
  • Finances: Many app review websites charge highly while the content and the count of reviews remain same. So, before using any service, it’s better to look around and see where you can get the best deal. 
  • Quality: The content matters. Whether it is your app or the reviews, content are very important and so make sure the freelancers or the services you use provide good quality content to you. 

Here goes some of the tips that you can follow while buying app reviews. Be ware of fake websites and before investing your finances, make sure that you are using it correctly.  

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