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Hello Developers. App development is a tricky job, which takes in lot of work and effort. It takes tremendous amount of determination and skills to create an app. But the work does not end here. What’s more tricky is the app submissions. In this article, we will help you understand the trickiest part of app development and will help you get through the app store review process.

The beginning of App development 

The journey to an app development starts with an idea. Once you know what you want to do, you should start framing out app functions and the app layout. Start designing the app and add codes for each and every feature that you want. Start assembling the items together and in no time you will have a beta version of the app. There in starts the app submission cycle. Once you have the final app, you can submit your app to the app store. Let us understand how the cycle goes on. 

Talking about iOS, the app submission method is tricky and cumbersome. Once you have completed your app development, you can start with the submission work. Apple is a believer of providing family related content and therefore it has a strict policy on content. If your app has adult exposure of material that hurts someone’s sentiments; you might want to re-modify your app. We are providing some of the rules that Apple has laid on app store submissions.

  • Test your app for crashes and bugs
  • Ensure that all app information and metadata is complete and accurate
  • Update your contact information in case App Review needs to reach you
  • Provide an active demo account and login information, plus any other hardware or resources that might be needed to review your app (e.g. a sample QR code)
  • Enable backend services so that they’re live and accessible during review
  • Include detailed explanations of non-obvious features and in-app purchases in the App Review notes, including supporting documentation where appropriate. If we’re not able to access part of your app because it’s geo-locked or otherwise restricted, provide a link to a video of the functionality

Apart from all these, make sure that your app does not violate any of the rules mentioned in the Apple Store documentation. Here is the link anyways. 


Where to start?

The Apple store has a Developer Program which needs to be registered by each and every developer who wishes to submit their app in the app store. One has to fee an annual fee for the program which allows developers to edit and add new apps to the app store. Talking about Android, the process is more or less similar. You need to get yourself registered as a Developer in the Play Store. The registration takes a nominal fee which then allows you to submit or edit your app.  

In this Developers program, you need to test your app for stability and also for bugs. Apple provides a testing platform which allows you to run your app in your mac/desktop and monitor your app’s performance in real time environment. Once the testing is done, you can move to submissions. 

Here is a link to get you through android app submissions. 


During submission

Once you have successfully tested your app, you can head out to app submissions. Before submitting, you need to provide app keywords, pricing and app information. You need to list down every function that your app provides and mostly cut off the features that do not bring much to the app.  

iOS app submissions generally takes 9-10 calendar days to get approved. This however depends on your app. It might take anything between a week and a month to get approval. For android app submissions, it might take 3-7 working days.

After the submission 

Once you have submitted your app, the app store will generally approve it within a week or so. Your app is tested in various parameters and it is ensured that you do not violate any rules and regulations. If your app passes the standard parameters, you will have the approval to publish your app. In case your app does not meet few guidelines, then the App store team will contact you regarding the things that has to be changed. You can work with the Submission team and re-submit your app again after making necessary corrections. 

There. You have made it through app submissions and now your app is listed in the app store. But your work does not end here. App market is a very competitive place and therefore you need to regularly updating and upgrading your app. Once submitted, you need to start working for the updates and have to apple for submissions each and every time you create a new build. This is it for now. You know now how app submissions are made and the guidelines that you need to follow. 

What next? 

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